Dewatering studies and authorisation

AGT is specialised on groundwater studies investigated by various techniques. As part of civil and hydraulic engineering projects, AGT, as an independent agency, provides objective and substantiated advice on complex and less complex groundwater problems.

Dewatering studies and authorisation
Dewatering studies and authorisation

Dewatering, or artificial groundwater lowering, is applied to be able to carry out excavation in dry soil under the groundwater table. Groundwater lowering often gives rise to adverse effects such as ground subsidence, displacement of groundwater pollution, desiccation or salinization of the groundwater table in nature or agricultural areas. With a dewatering study these risks are estimated and if necessary, control measures such as water retaining walls or groundwater injection can be applied.

AGT is the expert of dewatering and groundwater injection studies!

Dewatering studies and authorisation

AGT provides:

  • design of dewatering project;
  • calculation of range of influence with a numerical groundwater model;
  • determine the flow rate;
  • investigating the influence of the dewatering on protected nature and protected areas, neighboring buildings and groundwater pollution in the neighborhood;
  • the (optional) execution of pump tests and dewatering and settlement monitoring.

The new Dewatering Guidelines by AGT

The new Dewatering Guidelines were introduced by AGT on behalf of the Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM). The guidelines clarify the methodology which is followed when a dewatering action is designed and when the impact of dewatering on the environment is assessed. AGT has many years of experience and the most efficient software to study and model both very simple and the less complex situations based on the available data.

Do you need dewatering advice as part of the application for environmental permit? Contact us and let's work together!

Download the new Dewatering Guidelines (2019)

Environmental authorisation

According to the applicable legislation, application of environmental permit must be submitted for execution of a temporary dewatering for construction works, a pump test or a permanent groundwater extraction.

AGT keeps up-to-date with the changes of the regulations and therefore can assist you with fill in and apply environmental permit in the omgevingsloket. Clear plans and maps are prepared to add to the application or notification as attachments and all other required documents are made and added.

In combination with the preparation of an application of environmental permit, according to the EIA Order (2004), a reasoned request for groundwater exemption or a project-EIA screening note must be prepared depending on the flow rate and extracted volume of the groundwater. AGT can prepare this, whereby the influence of the dewatering and/or permanent groundwater extraction on the environment (settlements, contaminations, salinization, etc.) is studied with the help of a numerical groundwater model.

Dewatering studies and authorisation

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