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AGT is a reference company in the field of groundwater engineering, operating at the interface between science and implementation techniques, while striving for social added value. As independent consultant, we offer objective advise for complicatied groundwater issues to governments, private companies or engineering bureaus.

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Our services

Dewatering studies and authorisation

AGT is an expert in dewatering and groundwater injection studies. Dewatering, or artificial groundwater lowering, is applied to be able to carry out excavation in dry soil under the groundwater table. Groundwater lowering often gives rise to adverse effects such as ground subsidence, displacement of groundwater pollution, desiccation or salinization of the groundwater table in nature or agricultural areas. With a dewatering study these risks are estimated and if necessary, control measures such as water retaining walls or groundwater injection can be applied.

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Do you need dewatering advise according to the new Guidelines?

AGT created the new Flemish dewatering guidelines (bemalingsrichtlijnen) which give a complete overview of all technical and legal aspects related to construction dewatering. The document provides information on how to properly collect data, set up a dewatering concept, obtain legal permits and all other steps involved in the dewatering process, all with a strong focus on the environmental impact of dewatering. The guidelines have been commissioned by VMM (Flanders Environment Agency) and replace the older guidelines (2009).

Do you need dewatering advice as part of the application for environmental permission? Contact us and let's work together!

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Design pumping well

A well on an own field provides continuous access to a good quality water supply. Both the flow rate and the quality of the groundwater are strongly determined by the groundwater bodies present under the surface and by the correct implementation of the well. A poorly placed groundwater well cannot provide sufficient flow and pumps up dirty water or clogs up short after the implementation. Thanks to the many years of experience, AGT has extensive knowledge about the available aquifers. We work with different drilling companies on a daily basis, which gives us a good idea about the quality and prices for drilling. AGT can provide implementation of groundwater wells from A to Z with quality guarantee.

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Soil and groundwater remediation

AGT is recognized as type 2 soil remediation expert in Flanders meaning that AGT can carry out all tasks of a soil remediation expert or the Soil Remediation and Protection Decree, such as preparation of (periodic) Exploratory and Descriptive Soil Investigations, a Soil Remediation Project, a Technical Report of Earthmoving and the execution of environmental guidance. There are five employees of AGT who are recognized as qualified person by OVAM to use groundwater models and interpret the results. With help of a numerical groundwater model, possible spread of a groundwater pollution can be examined in order to refine the remediation concept.

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Water management, climate adaptation and ecology

Sustainable water management, climate adaptation and ecohydrological studies are complex and area-specific issues. AGT has the experience to investigate and monitor groundwater processes with the help of field measurements and numerical groundwater modelling.

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Feasibility and design of underground energy storage

In Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) the subsurface is used as storage medium for heat and cold. During winter, summer heat is used to heat the building and in summer, winter cold is used for cooling. In this way energy is used both economically and ecologically. The two most common techniques are ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) and BTES (Borehole Thermal Energy Storage). AGT carries out field measurements and simulates the thermal transport in the subsurface in order to guarantee the operation of the UTES systems. With more than 40 installations throughout Belgium and in the UK, AGT and IFTech have a large experience in design and installation of UTES systems.

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