Water well for the organic farm ‘De Kijfelaar’

Noorderwijk - Numerical groundwater modelling, Environmental permission

Study of the impact of a permanent water extraction on the environment.

Water well for the organic farm ‘De Kijfelaar’
De Kijfelaar
Delivery date
19 February 2018
Project manager
David Simpson

Water for an organic farm

Organic farm De Kijfelaar, located in Noorderwijk, wanted to obtain a permit for water extraction. The City of Herentals asked AGT to determine the influence of the water abstraction on the groundwater levels in the area.

The model

Based on the available data the subsurface was characterised. A numerical model was afterward built up in order to determine the water extraction from the aquifer. The results of the simulation were evaluated and presented on maps and figures.

Water well for the organic farm ‘De Kijfelaar’

The results

The results indicate that the influence of the water extraction is very limited. The requested flow rates are very low, considering the size of the aquifer and its good permeability (approx. 70 m), and the high recharge of the groundwater body can be expected due to relatively fast flow through the sandy soil layers.

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