ATES Chelsea Barracks, London

London, UK - Field measurements, Geophysical prospecting, Numerical groundwater modelling

Design, pumping test and guidance in implementation of an ATES system by AGT.

ATES Chelsea Barracks, London
Delivery date
01 May 2018
Services by AGT
Project manager
David Simpson
ATES Chelsea Barracks, London
ATES Chelsea Barracks, London

Chelsea Barracks

'Chelsea Barracks' is an old military site occupying 5,18 ha in the City of Westminster close to the centre of London. The site is being redeveloped in several phases into an area with residential, commercial, healthcare and relaxation functions. An ATES system was installed between 2015-2018 for heating and cooling of the buildings. Upon completion, the installation will consist of 5 well pairs in the London Chalk Formation with an estimated flow rate of 153 m³/h, which makes it one of the largest ATES systems in the UK.

ATES Chelsea Barracks, London

Design and guidance

AGT was responsible for designing and supervising the implementation of the ATES system. AGT also provided supervision of the drillings, well developments, pumping tests, analytical data processing and preparation of a thermal groundwater modelling. Subsidiary IFTech was responsible for designing, supplying and installing the pipe system, heat pumps, heat exchangers and the control system that provides communication with the building side.

ATES Chelsea Barracks, London

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